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Characteristics of Si-Implanted (211) Versus (100) GaAs

  • J. Epp (a1), J. G. Dillard (a1), A. Siochi (a1), R. Zallen (a1), E. D. Cole (a1), S. Sen (a1), A. Vaseashta (a1) and L. C. Burton (a1)...


Transport, Raman and XPS measurements were made on SI-implanted (1.7×1013cm−2, 50keV) and rapid-thermal annealed (100) and (211) GaAs substrates In an effort to distinguish differences between the two orientations. With these techniques, no significant differences were found. The implant-damage depth was about 1200Å for both orientations, with slightly higher near-surface damage (and lower mobility) apparent for (211). No unusual features in the (211) carrier concentration profile, as was previously reported, were evident.



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1. Banerjee, I., Chye, P. W., and Gregory, P. E., IEEE Elect. Dev. Lett. 9, 10 (1988).10.1109/55.20397
2. Ryssel, H. et al., Ion Implantation, Wiley, p. 193 (1986).
3. Holtz, , et al., Phys. Rev. B 37, 4610 (1988).


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