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Characteristics of Ordinary ½⟨110] Slip in Single Crystals of γ-TiAl

  • S. Jiao (a1), N. Bird (a1), P. B. Hirsch (a1) and G. Taylor (a1)


A study of the occurrence of ordinary slip in single crystals of Ti 54.5 at% Al with various orientations at different temperatures shows that the critical resolved shear stress is approximately the same for ¼⟨110] slip on {111} and {110} planes near the peak of the yield stress anomaly. However the shapes of the glide loops are quite different, suggesting that the order of relative mobilities of screw and edge dislocations is reversed in the two cases. The reason for this and its possible effect on the mechanism responsible for the yield stress anomaly of ½⟨110] {111} slip are discussed. Experiments on the thermal reversibility of the yield stress when either ordinary- or super- dislocation slip systems are operating at both temperatures have shown that the yield stress is reversible for the latter but not reversible in the former case.



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