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Characteristics Analysis of Saw Filter Using Al0.36Ga0.64N Thin Film

  • Sun-Ki Kim (a1), Min-Jung Park (a1), Cheol-Yeong Jang (a1), Hyun-Chul Choi (a1), Jung-Hee Lee (a1) and Yong-Hyun Lee (a1)...


AlxGa1-xN sample with x=0.36 was epitaxially grown on sapphire by MOCVD. SAW velocity of 5420 m/s and TCF (temperature coefficient of frequency) of -51.20 ppm/°C were measured from the SAW devices fabricated on the AlxGa1-xN sample, when kh value was 0.078, at temperatures between –30 °C and 60 °C Electromechanical coupling coefficient was ranged from 1.26 % to 2.22 %. The fabricated SAW filter have shown a good device performance with insertion loss of -33.853 dB and side lobe attenuation of 20 dB.



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