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Channeling Study of the Damage Induced in Ion-Irradiated Ceramic Oxides

  • Lionel Thomé (a1), Aurélie Gentils (a1), Frédérico Garrido (a1) and Jacek Jagielski (a2)


The evaluation of the damage generated in crystalline ceramic oxides placed in a radiative environment is a major challenge in many technological domains. The use of the channeling technique is particularly well adapted to measure the depth distribution of the irradiation-induced disorder and to monitor the damage build-up. This paper describes the methodology used for the study of radiation damage with the channeling technique, presents a new method of analysis of channeling data based on Monte-Carlo simulations and provides recent results concerning the damage induced in ion-bombarded ceramic oxide single crystals in both nuclear (low-energy ion irradiation) and electronic (high-energy ion irradiation) slowing-down regimes.



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Channeling Study of the Damage Induced in Ion-Irradiated Ceramic Oxides

  • Lionel Thomé (a1), Aurélie Gentils (a1), Frédérico Garrido (a1) and Jacek Jagielski (a2)


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