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Channel Profile Engineering of MOSFETs using Delta Doping

  • Andrew C. G. Wood (a1) and Anthony G. O'Neill (a1)


The influence of the location, dose and width of the doping spike in a delta doped MOSFET is investigated theoretically. Calculations are performed for a range of n and p type 5M0SFETS, and the importance of each design parameter of the device is assessed. The optimum device has a delta layer around 2 0nm deep, with a sheet doping density around 1012cm−2 for the pMOSFET and 5.1011cm−2 for the nMOSFET. The effect of diffusion of the dopant during processing on the device performance is also considered, and it is found that this causes a shift in the threshold voltage of the device. The layer width should ideally be kept below 5nm.



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