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CFD Modeling of Laser Guided Deposition for Direct Write Fabrication

  • J. C. Sheu (a1), M. G. Giridharan (a2) and S. Lowry (a3)


A computational model for simulating laser-guided particle deposition process is described. This model solves for the transport of gas and particle phases in a fully coupled manner. The optical forces on the particles are evaluated from Mie theory based on local laser intensity. Simulations were performed for different operating conditions of laser power, ambient pressure, and substrate traverse speed. Simulations revealed potential problems such as particle deflected away from substrate due to ambient air current disturbances, substrate overheating, and optical fiber clogging. Possible solutions for these problems are discussed



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CFD Modeling of Laser Guided Deposition for Direct Write Fabrication

  • J. C. Sheu (a1), M. G. Giridharan (a2) and S. Lowry (a3)


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