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Cerium Doped Bismuth Antimony

  • Kevin C. Lukas (a1), Huaizhou Zhao (a1), Ryan L. Stillwell (a2), Zhifeng Ren (a1) and Cyril P. Opeil (a1)...


Bismuth-Antimony alloys have been shown to have high ZT values below room temperature, especially for single crystals. For polycrystalline samples, impurity doping and magnetic field have proven to be powerful tools in the search for understanding and improving thermoelectric performance. Nanopolycrystalline Bi0.88Sb0.12 doped with 0.05, 0.5 and 3 % Ce were prepared by ball milling and dc hot pressing techniques. Electrical resistivity, Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity, carrier concentration, mobility, and magnetization are measured in a temperature range of 5-350 K and in magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla. The effects of Ce doping on the thermoelectric properties of Bi0.88Sb0.12 in zero magnetic field are discussed.



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