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C-Axis Perpendicularly Oriented Barium Ferrite Thin Film Media On Silicon Substrate

  • Zailong Zhuang (a1), Mark H. Kryder (a1), Robert M. White (a1) and David E. Laughlin (a2)


Barium ferrite thin films with excellent perpendicular c-axis orientation were successfully fabricated on Si substrate without any buffer layer. To compensate for possible barium deficiency due to the inter-diffusion between films and substrate, a barium-rich target was used. For a 900 Å-thick film, the perpendicular remanent squareness is about 0.9, while the in-plane remanent squareness is about 0.3. The saturation magnetization (Ms) is about 220 emu/cc, while the coercivity is around 3500 Oe. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results show the (001) perpendicular c-axis texture in the films. It was also found that the rapid thermal annealing conditions greatly affect the magnetic properties of barium ferrite films. With a certain flow rate of oxygen gas in the rapid thermal annealer (RTA), barium ferrite films generally crystallize with good perpendicular c-axis texture. Without oxygen gas, the hexagonal barium ferrite phase fails to develop; instead spinel Fe 30 4 phase forms. The reason for the collapsing of hexagonal barium ferrite texture is thought to be an oxygen deficiency in the barium ferrite films due to the reduction of oxygen in the films during the high temperature annealing.



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