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C-Axis Oriented Thin Films of PbZrO3 on Silicon Substrate by Pulsed Laser Ablation

  • S. Chattopadhyay (a1), V. R. Palkar (a1), P. Ayyub (a1), S. C. Purandare (a1), S. P. Pam (a1), P. R. Apte (a1), R. Pinto (a1) and M. S. Multani (a1)...


We report the successful deposition of single phase c-axis oriented films of lead zirconate (PbZrO3) on a silicon substrate by pulsed laser ablation. The formation of the film at different substrate temperatures was studied using atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. We also measured the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant of the films and their dielectric hysteresis behavior.



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