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Cathodoluminescence Study of Diffusion Length and surface Recombination Velocity in III-V Multiple Quantum Well Structures

  • L.-L. Chao (a1), M. B. Freiler (a2), M. Levy (a2), J.-L. Lin (a2), G. S. Cargill (a1), R. M. Osgood (a1) and G. F. Mclane (a3)...


We describe studies of luminescence and lateral transport properties of excited carriers in GaAs- AIGaAs multiple quantum well (MQW) structures by cathodoluminescence measurements in a scanning electron microscope. We examine the effect of in-plane, etch-defined feature size on MQW luminescence efficiency and variability, and determine the diffusion length and its temperature dependence from ˜ 8K to 250K. Our measurements also provide information about nonradiative surface recombination velocity at the side walls of etch-defined MQW structures.



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[1] Freiler, M. B., Ph.D. thesis, Columbia University, 1995; and Freiler, M. B., McLane, G. F., Kim, S., Levy, M., Scarmozzino, R., Herman, I. P., and Osgood, R. M. Jr., to be published.
[2] Clausen, E. M. Jr., Craighead, H. G., Worlock, J. M., Harbison, J. P., Schiavone, L. M., Florez, L., and Van der Gaag, B., Appl. Phys. Lett. 55, 1427 (1989).
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