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Catalytic Growth of Carbon Nanofibers and Nanotubes

  • R. Terry (a1), K. Baker (a1) and Nelly M. Rodriguez (a1)


Carbon nanofibers and nanotubes have been prepared from the decomposition of carbon containing gases with the aid of an iron catalyst particle. The physical characteristics as well as the degree of crystalline perfection of the structures were found to be dependent on the nature of the metal particle and the conditions at which the material was grown. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that nanofibers were obtained from large catalyst particles (>20 nm), whereas nanotubes were formed by the aid of smaller particles (<20 nm). The orientation of the graphitc platelets in the carbon nanofibers was dependent on the alignment of the planes at the rear faces of the iron particle that were responsible for the precipitation of carbon. Carbon nanofibers exhibited reactivity in carbon dioxide comparable to that of single crystal graphite under the same conditions.



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Catalytic Growth of Carbon Nanofibers and Nanotubes

  • R. Terry (a1), K. Baker (a1) and Nelly M. Rodriguez (a1)


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