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Carrier dynamics in spatially ordered InAs quantum dots

  • Jörg Siegert (a1), Saulius Marcinkevièius (a1), Andreas Gaarder (a1), Rosa Leon (a2), Sergio Chaparro (a3), Shane R. Johnson (a3), Carlos Navarro (a3), Xu Jin (a3) and Yong-Hang Zhang (a3)...


Spatial ordering of InAs quantum dots was attained by using misfit dislocations generated in a metastable InGaAs layer by means of thermal annealing. Influence of quantum dot positional ordering and dot proximity to dislocation arrays on carrier dynamics was studied by timeresolved photoluminescence. Substantially narrower inhomogeneous broadening from the ordered quantum dots was observed. Excitation intensity dependence of the photoluminescence intensity and carrier lifetime indicates stronger influence of nonradiative recombination for the ordered quantum dot structures. Numerical simulations allow estimating electron and hole capture rates from the quantum dots to traps located either at the quantum dot interfaces or in the vicinity of the quantum dots.



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