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Carbon Nanotubes as Optical Materials

  • Shaoxin Lu (a1), Ning Shao (a2), Ye Liu (a3) and Balaji Panchapakesan (a4)


This paper discusses some of the highly interesting effects that occur when photons interact with carbon nanotubes. From position dependent photoconductivity of nanotube thin films to photon induced elastic actuation of carbon nanotubes is presented. A new field of micro-opto-mechanical systems (MOMS) is envisioned through the miniaturization of nanotube actuators using MEMS and CMOS processes. Number of remotely controlled MOMS devices including MOMS grippers, MOMS cantilevers and MOMS mirrors are presented. The performance of these devices rivals their MEMS electrostatic counterparts while consuming only fraction of energy and enabling remote controllability. Finally, the interaction of light with nanotubes for biomedical nanotechnology and photodynamic cancer therapy is presented.



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