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CaBi4Ti4O15 thin film deposition on electroplated Platinum substrates using a sol-gel method

  • Takeyasu Saito (a1), Yuichiro Hirota (a1), Mariko Ooyanagi (a1), Naoki Okamoto (a1), Kazuo Kondo (a1), Takeshi Yoshimura (a2) and Norifumi Fujimura (a2)...


CaBi4Ti4O15 growth on different Platinum substrates was carried out through a sol-gel method. Higher crystallization temperature and 20% excess Bi decreased pyrochlore contents in the CaBi4Ti4O15 films. Repetition through coating, calcination and crystallization decreased void formation on the surface. C-axis oriented thin film could be grown on sputtered platinum substrates with low Pt (200) orientation. On electroplated Pt substrates, (119) oriented CaBi4Ti4O15 thin film was grown, suggesting surface roughness of Pt substrates is a crucial factor for orientation control of sol-gel derived CaBi4Ti4O15 thin film.



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CaBi4Ti4O15 thin film deposition on electroplated Platinum substrates using a sol-gel method

  • Takeyasu Saito (a1), Yuichiro Hirota (a1), Mariko Ooyanagi (a1), Naoki Okamoto (a1), Kazuo Kondo (a1), Takeshi Yoshimura (a2) and Norifumi Fujimura (a2)...


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