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A Bulk Study of Homoepitaxy

  • C. S. Baxter (a1) and R. E. Somekh (a1)


We present preliminary results aimed at investigating the effects of variation in temperature on the epitaxial growth of thin films of single elements and multilayers.

In this paper we present results of a cross-sectional electron microscopy study of films in which good epitaxy has been established and then the deposition temperature has been significantly reduced (for example to 30°C from 120°C). The main objective was to study the nature of the low temperature limit of layer by layer epitaxy and the degree of roughening as a function of the deposition conditions with an emphasis on the kinetics of the process.



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A Bulk Study of Homoepitaxy

  • C. S. Baxter (a1) and R. E. Somekh (a1)


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