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Blue Light Electroluminescence From Doped μc-SiC prepared by Excimer (ArF) Laser Crystallisation

  • S. P. Lau (a1), J. M. Marshall (a1), T. E. Dyer (a1), A. R. Hepburn (a1) and J. F. DaVies (a1)...


A novel method has been developed to prepare highly conductive and wide band gap doped (B2H6/PH3) microcrystalline silicon carbide (μ-SiC) by excimer (ArF) laser crystallisation. Doped a-SiC:H films were prepared by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD), both with and without H2 dilution. After crystallisation, this material has Taue gap of around 2.0 eV and exhibits a dark conductivity as high as 20 (Ωcm)-1, more than ten orders of magnitude higher than before the laser irradiation. This is shown to be mainly due to the formation of SiC microcrystallites in the laser crystallised a-SiC:H.

In this paper, we report that this material can be utilised not only as the carrier injection layer in a-SiC:H based Thin Film Light Emitting Diodes (TFLEDs) but also as a luminescent layer. Blue light emission has been observed from a laser crystallised (LC) doped μc-SiC based electroluminescent device, the peak wavelength is around 490nm.

The simplicity of excimer (ArF) laser crystallisation and its capability to fabricate poly-Si TFTs, makes this a promising novel method to realise fully integrated Si large area multi-colour displays.



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