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Blue and Yellow Luminescence in ZnO Films Grown by Peroxide MBE

  • Vitaliy Avrutin (a1), Mikhail A. Reshchikov (a2), Natalia Izyumskaya (a3), Ryoko Shimada (a4) and Hadis Morkoç (a5)...


We observed strong shifts of the blue and yellow luminescence bands with variation of excitation intensity in ZnO films grown on sapphire by MBE using hydrogen peroxide as a source of reactive oxygen. The blue band, having a maximum in the range from 2.85 to 3.15 eV in different samples and different excitation intensities at 10 K, is attributed to diagonal transitions from the conduction band (or shallow donors) to the valence band in realm of potential fluctuations caused by random distribution of charged point defects in a compensated semiconductor. The yellow band is related to an unidentified deep acceptor.



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Blue and Yellow Luminescence in ZnO Films Grown by Peroxide MBE

  • Vitaliy Avrutin (a1), Mikhail A. Reshchikov (a2), Natalia Izyumskaya (a3), Ryoko Shimada (a4) and Hadis Morkoç (a5)...


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