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Bistable Electrical Switching and Rewritable Memory Effect in a Thin Film Acrylate Copolymer Containing Carbazole-Oxadiazole Donor–Acceptor Pendant Groups

  • Eric Teo (a1), Qidan Ling (a2), Siew Lay Lim (a3), Koon Gee Neoh (a4), En-Tang Kang (a5), Daniel Siu Hung Chan (a6) and Chunxiang Zhu (a7)...


The molecular conformation-dependent write-once read-many-times (WORM) memory based on an acrylate polymer containing pendant carbazole (donor) groups is transformed into a flash (rewritable) memory when acrylate units containing pendant oxadiazole (acceptor) groups are incorporated to form a copolymer. The as-fabricated device based on the acrylate copolymer containing carbazole-oxadiazole donor-acceptor pendant groups is in its low conductivity state and can be written to a high conductivity state at a threshold voltage of -1.8 V. The high conductivity state can be switched (erased) to the low conductivity state with a positive bias of 3.6 V. The device exhibits a high ON/OFF current ratio of 103 at a read voltage of -1 V. This rewritable polymer memory can be programmed and erased repeatedly with good accuracy. The copolymer is potentially useful for application in flash memory devices.



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