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Biomorphic Mesoporous Ce1−x Zr x O2 Nanostructures Fabricated from Paper Templates

  • Dickon H. L. Ng (a1) and Jia Li (a2)


A simple and versatile procedure was developed for synthesizing biomorphic mesoporous Ce1-xZrxO2. Aqueous cerium nitrate and zirconium nitrate solutions, and paper were used as the starting materials. Under the structure-directed effect offered by the active hydroxyl radicals of the cellulose in the paper templates, porous and fibrous structures of paper were replicated by the self-assembly of Ce1-xZrxO2 nanocrystallites after the paper underwent chemical infiltration and calcinations. The product, composing of interwoven network of fibers with diameter ranging from 10 to 20 <mu>m, was a replica of the original paper structure only that each fiber was assembled by Ce1-xZrxO2 nanocrystallites with grain size of 3-10 nm. The templating function of cellulose and the mechanism in the formation of nanocrystallites were proposed.



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Biomorphic Mesoporous Ce1−x Zr x O2 Nanostructures Fabricated from Paper Templates

  • Dickon H. L. Ng (a1) and Jia Li (a2)


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