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Bioactive organic-inorganic hybrid aerogels

  • Luis Esquivias (a1), Víctor Morales-Flórez (a1), Manuel Piñero (a2), Nicolás de la Rosa-Fox (a1), Julio Ramírez (a3), José González-Calbet (a3), Antonio Salinas (a4) and María Vallet-Regí (a4)...


We have prepared organic-inorganic hybrid materials (OIHM), incorporating an organic phase in the inorganic precursor sol, using high power ultrasound for assistance with agitation. A sono-ormosil results after gelation. Colloidal silica particles have been added to these hybrids to enable network porous volume and pore radius to be tailored to specific requirements. Finally, in vitro bioactivity of this material has been promoted by adding calcium to the initial sol. The structure and bioactivity of these materials have been subjected to preliminary study, including their mechanical behaviour. These materials have a very fine structure especially after colloidal silica particles have been included. When immersed in a solution simulating blood plasma, they are bioactive, and the sample with colloid particles presents a better behaviour in vitro



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