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Bi-functional oxygen electrocatalysts based on Palladium oxide-Ruthenium oxide composites

  • Jaka Sunarso (a1), Angel A.J. Torriero (a1), Patrick C. Howlett (a1), Douglas R. MacFarlane (a2) and Maria Forsyth (a1)...


Bi-functional oxygen electrodes are an enabling component for rechargeable metal-air batteries and regenerative fuel cells, both of which are regarded as the next-generation energy devices with zero emission. Nonetheless, at the present, no single metal oxide component can catalyze both oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) with high performance which leads to large overpotential between ORR and OER. This work strives to address this limitation by studying the bi-functional electrocatalytic activity of the composite of a good ORR catalyst compound (e.g. palladium oxide, PdO) and a good OER catalyst compound (e.g. ruthenium oxide, RuO2) in alkaline solution (0.1M KOH) utilizing a thin-film rotating disk electrode technique. The studied compositions include PdO, RuO2, PdO/RuO2 (25wt.%/75wt.%), PdO/RuO2 (50wt.%/50wt.%) and PdO/RuO2 (75wt.%/25wt.%). The lowest overpotential (e.g. E (2 mA cm−2) - E (-2 mA cm−2)) of 0.82 V is obtained for PdO/RuO2 (25wt.%/75wt.%) (versus Ag|AgCl (3M NaCl) reference electrode).



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