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Basic Research on Combinatorial Evaluation Method for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

  • Yuko Aono (a1), Seiichi Hata (a2), Junpei Sakurai (a3), Ryusuke Yamauchi (a4), Hiroyuki Tachikawa (a5) and Akira Shimokohbe (a6)...


The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is one of the most important material properties for actuators driven by heat or structure over a wide temperature. The CTE of an alloy depends on its composition, and combinatorial methods are very effective for researching new alloys. A CTE evaluation method, which can be applied to combinatorial methods or a thin film library, is proposed in this paper. The thermal behavior of a bi-layer cantilever couple was used for the evaluation, and the Young's modulus, which is also an important property, was simultaneously obtained. Firstly, one bi-layer cantilever was fabricated and agreement of the thermal behavior with the theoretical behavior was confirmed. The estimated error of the measurement device (CCD camera) resolution was then analyzed. The results indicate that combinatorial evaluation does not enable an accurate evaluation of Young's modulus, but does allow the CTE be accurately determined.



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