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Ba2YCu3O7-σ; Effect of Oxygen Stoichiometry

  • R. J. Cava (a1), B. Batlogg (a1), A. P. Ramirez (a1), D. Werder (a1), C. H. Chen (a1), E. A. Rietman (a1) and S. M. Zahurak (a1)...


The effect of changes of oxygen stoichiometry on the properties of Ba2YC3O7-σ is discussed. Crystallographic, susceptability, resistivity, and specific heat data from 1 set of samples prepared by Zr gettered annealing are described and discussed.



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Ba2YCu3O7-σ; Effect of Oxygen Stoichiometry

  • R. J. Cava (a1), B. Batlogg (a1), A. P. Ramirez (a1), D. Werder (a1), C. H. Chen (a1), E. A. Rietman (a1) and S. M. Zahurak (a1)...


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