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Atomic Scale Control of Epitaxial Growth and Interface in Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Oxide Lattice Engineering

  • M. Yoshimoto (a1), T. Maeda (a1), T. Ohnishi (a1), G. H. Lee (a1) and H. Koinuma (a1)...


Advanced thin film technology based on laser MBE has enabled us to control the molecular layer-by-layer epitaxial growth and interface structure of oxide thin films in an atomic scale. Molecular layer epitaxy of oxide thin film growth was verified from in situ monitoring of intensity oscillation in reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED). Advanced oxide thin film technology was applied to form oxide superlattices for quantum functional oxides and to achieve lattice-matched heteroepitaxy in oxide films on silicon substrate for all epitaxial oxide/silicon hybrid devices. The key factors to develop oxide lattice engineering are discussed with respect to not only in situ monitoring of growth process using RHEED but also atomic regulation of the substrate surface by atomic force microscopy and ion scattering spectroscopy.



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