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Atom Probe Microscopy and its Future

  • T. F. Kelly (a1) (a2) (a3), P. P. Camus (a2) (a3), D. J. Larson (a1) (a3) and L. M. Holzman (a1) (a3)


Much of the current activity and excitement in materials science involves processing and understanding materials at the atomic scale. Accordingly, it is necessary for materials scientists to control and characterize materials at the atomic level. There are only a few microscopies that are capable of providing information about the structure of materials at the atomic level: the atom probe field ion microscope, the high resolution transmission electron microscope, and the scanning tunneling microscope. The three-dimensional atom probe (3DAP) determines the 3D location and elemental identity of each atom in a sample. It is the only technique that provides 3D information at the atomic scale.

The origin and underlying concepts behind the 3DAP are described. Several examples of actual images from existing 3DAPs are shown with emphasis on nanometer-scale analysis. Current limitations of the technique and expected future developments in this form of microscopy are described. It is our opinion that 3D atomic-scale imaging will be an indispensable tool in materials science in the coming decades.



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Atom Probe Microscopy and its Future

  • T. F. Kelly (a1) (a2) (a3), P. P. Camus (a2) (a3), D. J. Larson (a1) (a3) and L. M. Holzman (a1) (a3)


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