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a-Si and μc-Si Grown from SiF4 with High H2 Dilution in a DC Glow Discharge

  • Y. Okada (a1), J. Chen (a1), I. H. Campbell (a1), P. M. Fauchet (a1) and S. Wagner (a1)...


a-Si and μc-Si were grown from SiF4 with H2 dilution in a DC glow discharge. The crystallinity of films deposited over a range of substrate temperatures and SiF4/H2 flow ratios was studied by Raman spectroscopy and the boundary between microcrystalline and amorphous Si was determined. We find that μc-Si can be grown from SiF4 with less H2 dilution than from SiH4. In the SiF4/H2 system, the etching by of F atoms appears responsible for μc-growth; H atoms play an important role in balancing growth and etching reactions.



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a-Si and μc-Si Grown from SiF4 with High H2 Dilution in a DC Glow Discharge

  • Y. Okada (a1), J. Chen (a1), I. H. Campbell (a1), P. M. Fauchet (a1) and S. Wagner (a1)...


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