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Applications of PZT and Related Thin Films in Piezoelectric Microsensors

  • D. L. Polla (a1), C. Ye (a1), P. Schiller (a1), T. Tamagawa (a1), W. P. Robbins (a1), D. Glumac (a1) and C.-C. Hsueh (a2)...


Ferroelectric thin films have been deposited on polycrystalline silicon micromechanical structures to form both physical microsensors and microactuator devices. These devices which include acoustic pressure sensors, infrared detectors, micropositioners, and stepper motors are based on either the piezoelectric or pyroelectric properties of sol-gel Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 or PbTiO3 deposited on surface-machined microelectromechanical structures. Several materials, micromachining, process integration, and performance issues are introduced in the description of these devices.



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