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Applications of polymer concrete in corrosive environments

  • C. Lora (a1), J. Ocampo (a2), B. Valdez (a1) and M. Schorr (a1)


Concrete is a composite material, composed of cement, sand, gravel and water, reinforced with steel bars or mesh. It is used for the construction of infrastructure assets such as airports, dams, ports, bridges and road ways. Polymer concrete is a relative new material containing a thermosetting resin (instead of water) displaying improved mechanical strength, low permeability, greater corrosion resistance and higher durability. It is employed for new construction and old concrete reparation in the chemical, food, fertilizer, mine and civil industries. Polymer concrete pipe specimens, reinforced with glass-fibers were prepared and exposed in a salt spray (fog) chamber, operating with a NaCl solution, following ASTM standard B-117-11. The deterioration effects were assessed by testing the physical and mechanical properties, before and after the exposure in the spray chamber, in accordance with standard ASTM D3039-2013. Corrosion resistance was evaluated applying ASTM standard C876-2013. The result of this work are presented, illustrated and discussed.



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3. AMTS Standard workshop practice, Technology Innovation Agency, 2010.
4. Annual Book of ASTM Standards , 2013 , ASTM D6783, B117,C876.



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