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Applications of Organic Electro-Optic Materials in High Speed Electronic Processors

  • G. F. Lipscomb (a1), R. S. Lytel (a1), A. J. Ticknor (a1), J. Kenney (a1), T. E. Van Eck (a1), D. G. Girton (a1) and E. Binkley (a1)...


The exceptional electro-optic properties of poled polymer films, coupled with the power and flexibility of thin film fabrication and photolithographic processing, may make possible a new class of integrated optic systems combining the processing power of VLSI with a dense, high bandwidth, photonic interconnection and switching network. We report on the recent development and initial test results of two electro-optic polymer based integrated optic devices for optical interconnection applications. The first is an optical railtap for the distribution of many different optical signals from a single CW laser diode, and the second is a traveling wave Mach-Zehnder integrated optic modulator, which was modulated at frequencies up to 20 GHz.



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