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Application of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy to the Study of Metals: Spectroscopy and Topography

  • R. C. Jaklevic (a1) and W. J. Kaiser (a1)


The design and performance of a scanning tunneling microscope for use in the study of metal surfaces is described. The system was designed for ultra high vacuum together with standard sample cleaning and characterization techniques. The STM provides both topographic and spectroscopie information. Topographic images of well annealed Au(lll) show very smooth planes with single atomic steps. Corrugation on the (111) planes, which is expected from reconstruction models for this surface, is not seen. Other areas show monatomic steps in the form of an ordered array with a period corresponding to that derived from previous studies. A possible alternative reconstruction mechanism is suggested by these STM data. On the same surface are steeper sloped regions with multiple steps of equal height with wide facets. Spectroscopie first derivative data for Au and Pd show peaks which correspond to surface and bulk electronic states, for both filled and unfilled cases. The energy values of these states are compared directly with the results of other experimental methods. The use of combined topographic and spectroscopie mode for metals is anticipated.



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