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Application of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy to Porous Silicon

  • Masato Ohmukai (a1), Akiharu Kobayashi (a1), Nobutomo Uehara (a1), Tetsuya Yamazaki (a1), Shinji Fujihara (a1) and Yasuo Tsutsumi (a1)...


We are investigating applicability of photoacoustic (PA) spectroscopy to porous silicon. Since PA spectroscopy is based on a non-radiative relaxation process, the measurement is of importance as a counterpart to photoluminescent spectroscopy. We studied a dependence of a PA amplitude on a chopping frequency and discussed the influence of a PA signal originated in a silicon substrate. The frequency dependence was elucidated with a two-layer model. Differences in PA spectra are correlated with a photoluminescent efficiency. From the correlation, we believe that non-radiative centers quench the efficiency.



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