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Apid Thermal Oxidation of Silicon: Aspects of the Initial Regime Kinetics

  • A. Yahia Messaoud (a1), A. Martinez (a1), G. Sarrabayrouse (a1) and E. Scheid (a1)


The kinetics of silicon oxidation by rapid thermal processing in the 1000-1200°C range have been studied with particular attention paid to the homogenization and optimization of the heating and to the initial conditions (i.e. sample preparation, insertion into the furnace and measurements of initial thickness ). Special emphasis has also been placed on the accuracy of thickness measurements using ellipsometry and adequate calculations. Comparison of the experimental and simulated thickhnesses using Han and Helms' model and comparative temperature evaluation, allowed the real temperature to be evaluated within ±5°C. Then, it was concluded that RTO kinetics does not reveal any special peculiarities in the 2-35 nm range.

Electrical measurements of RTO capacitors (C-V, I-V, V-t) have been performed. Typically, a breakdown electrical field strength (Eox) of 15 MV/cm, a Nss max of 3.1011 eV−−2, a Nss midgap of 4.1010 eV−−2 and a Qbd (charge injected at breakdown) of 40−2 were obtained for oxide thicknesses ranging from 8 to 10 nm. These compare favorably with our better standard oxides grown at 900°C with 2% HCI in O2. We can thus conclude that RTO is a very promising process for submicron technologies.



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Apid Thermal Oxidation of Silicon: Aspects of the Initial Regime Kinetics

  • A. Yahia Messaoud (a1), A. Martinez (a1), G. Sarrabayrouse (a1) and E. Scheid (a1)


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