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Antimony Doped ZnO Nanorods - A Change From n to p Type?

  • Joe Briscoe (a1), Diego E. Gallardo (a2) and Steve Dunn (a3)


The in-situ aqueous synthesis of ZnO nanorods doped with Sb is presented. To control the inclusion of Sb into the ZnO nanorods structure ethylene glycol (EG) is added to the reaction solution. The addition of EG reduces the rate at which Sb is included in the ZnO rods and produces nanorods with a morphology that is similar to the undoped rods. This is contrary to the rods produced with Sb in the absence of EG which produce a less well ordered structure. An I/V curve taken from individual rods indicates a change in the diode behaviour. The change in I/V behaviour is associated with a change from the natural n-type behaviour of ZnO to a p-type behaviour due to the Sb doping.



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Antimony Doped ZnO Nanorods - A Change From n to p Type?

  • Joe Briscoe (a1), Diego E. Gallardo (a2) and Steve Dunn (a3)


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