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Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals from Achiral Molecules And A Liquid Conglomerate

  • David M. Walba (a1), Eva Körblova (a1), Renfan Shao (a2), Joseph E. Maclennan (a2), Darren R. Link (a2) and Noel A. Clark (a2)...


Until recently, it was an empirical fact that creation of a chiral liquid crystal phase required enantiomerically enriched molecules. In addition, to date known ferroelectric and antiferroelectric smectics have also been composed of enantiomerically enriched molecules. Herein are described the first examples of the formation of chiral and antiferroelectric supermolecular liquid crystalline structures from achiral molecules. In one case (apparently metastable) the liquid crystal structure is macroscopically chiral, with samples composed of heterochiral macroscopic domains: a liquid conglomerate.



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3 The space group of the crystal structure shown in Figure 1 is monoclinic, Pn, which is “polar” in crystallography language. This can be “net polar,” meaning symmetry able to support a macroscopic dipole moment, or not, due to an unfortunate use of the term in crystallography. In liquid crystals it is common to describe the symmetry of a system by 1) Finding all possible distinct singular points in the structure and 2) Listing all symmetry operations about these singular points. The point group containing all these operations describes the symmetry even if no one singular point contains all of them. For this crystal structure there is a singular point with a C2 axis in the “middle” of the layers, and a singular point with a mirror plane in the layer interfaces, with the mirror parallel to the C2 axis. The symmetry is effectively C2v, achiral and net polar.
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Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals from Achiral Molecules And A Liquid Conglomerate

  • David M. Walba (a1), Eva Körblova (a1), Renfan Shao (a2), Joseph E. Maclennan (a2), Darren R. Link (a2) and Noel A. Clark (a2)...


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