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Annealing Study of Ion Implanted MOCVD and MBE Grown GaN

  • E. Silkowski (a1), Y. K. Yeo (a1), R. L. Hengehold (a1), M. A. Khan (a2), T. Lei (a3), K. Evans (a3) and C. Cerny (a3)...


MOCVD and MBE grown GaN were implanted with Ar, Mg, Si, Be, C, and O, and annealed in a conventional oven under flowing NH3 or N2 gas. Absorption measurements confirmed that implantation damage was annealed out after 90 minutes at a temperature of 1000 °C. Surface damage caused by NH3 annealing was evident in absorption and photoluminescence measurements for annealing temperatures of over 1000 °C. Although most of the implants showed no unique luminescence peaks, systematic changes in the relative intensities of the exciton, donor-acceptor pair, and yellow peaks were noted. The Mg implanted samples showed evidence of the acceptor bound exciton line at 3.44 eV, and a unique peak at 3.3 eV possibly due to a Mg free-to-bound transition.



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