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Anisotropically Nanostructured Silicon: A First-Principle Approach.

  • Yuri Bonder (a1) and Chumin Wang (a1)


Optical properties of birefringent porous-silicon layers are studied within the density functional theory. Starting from a (110)-oriented supercell of 32 silicon atoms, columns of atoms in directions [100] and [010] are removed and the dangling bonds are saturated with hydrogen atoms. The results show an in-plane anisotropy in the dielectric function and in the refractive index (n). The difference Δn defined as n [110] -n [001] is compared with experimental data and a good agreement is observed. Also, the possibility in determining the morphology of pores by using polarized lights is analyzed.


Corresponding author


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Departamento de Física, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM, Apartado Postal 70–542, 04510, México D.F., MEXICO.



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Anisotropically Nanostructured Silicon: A First-Principle Approach.

  • Yuri Bonder (a1) and Chumin Wang (a1)


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