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Anisotropic Normal State Transport Properties of Oxide Superconductors Predicted from Lapw Band Structures

  • Philip B. Allen (a1), Warren E. Pickett (a1) and Henry Krakauer (a1)


The resistivity, Hall, and thermopower tensors are calculated for the normal state of oxide superconductors on the assumption of band quasiparticle behavior. The shape of the resistivity ραβin the metallic a-b plane is consistent with ordinary impurity and electron-phonon scattering, but the magnitude is larger than predicted. The Hall tensor is predicted to be hole-like for orbits in the a-b plane but electron-like for a-c or b-c orbits, while the thermopower is predicted to be electron-like in the a-b plane and hole-like along the c-axis. Single crystal experiments have confirmed some of these predictions for the Hall tensor.



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