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Angular Dependent Critical Fields in NbTi-Ge Superlattices in the Weakly Localized Regime

  • Ben Y. Jin (a1), J. B. Ketterson (a1), J. E. Hilliard (a1), E. J. McNiff (a2), S. Foner (a2) and Ivan K. Schuller (a3)...


The angular dependence of the upper critical fields, Hc(θ) for a set of NbTi-Ge superlattices were studied at various temperatures. The behavior of Hc(θ) at lower temperatures deviates from the Tinkham expression which is expected to be valid only in the Ginzberg-Landau regime close to Tc. We examine a model for calculating Hc(θ) involving the lowest eigenvalue of the gauge invariant diffusion equation (subject to boundary conditions appropriate to a slab) in the de Gennes expression for the upper critical field of a dirty superconductor at all temperatures. The disorder related localization and interaction effects as well, as the paramagnetic limiting effect, are also considered.



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