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The Analysis of Vapor-Deposited Pd Particles Supported on Thin Oxides

  • Helmut Poppa (a1), F. Rumpf (a2), R. D. Moorhead (a3) and C. Henry (a2)


Problems of analyzing by TEM and TPD (Temperature Programmed Desorption) the structure and micromorphology of small Pd particles vapor deposited in UHV onto clean oxide supports are discussed. Particle changes induced during extended exposures to high intensity electron irradiation of a number of electron transparent support materials such as Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2, MgO, and mica are examined. Different damage mechanisms are evaluated and experimental means of reducing the damage are explored. The possibility of extracting particle morphology information from a detailed analysis of CO thermal desorption spectra is also investigated. Evidence suggests that it may be possible to obtain micromorphology information down to very small particle sizes from TPD measurements if the effects of intrinsic particle morphology can be separated from the influence of diffusion of support species.



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The Analysis of Vapor-Deposited Pd Particles Supported on Thin Oxides

  • Helmut Poppa (a1), F. Rumpf (a2), R. D. Moorhead (a3) and C. Henry (a2)


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