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Analysis of the Cementitious and Pozzolanic Properties of a Silico-Aluminous (Class F) Fly Ash

  • Andre Carles-Gibergues (a1) and Pierre-Claude Aitcin (a2)


A silico-aluminous (Class F) French fly ash has been studied during the last ten years. While over this period the fly ash was produced from different bituminous coals, it has demonstrated high constancy in terms of its chemical and physical composition as well as cementitious properties. The first part of this paper gives a complete physico-chemical characterization of this fly ash, including chemical composition, mineralogical composition of its crystallized fraction, chemical composition of its glass, grain-size distribution, specific surface area, and bulk density. The second part deals with physico-chemical experiments performed to determine the cementitious components of this fly ash through its dissolution in pure water and in lime water. The lime water experiment was also carried out on a washed sample containing few residual sulfates. This series of experiments demonstrates the importance of sulfates in this particular fly ash, especially during the early stages of hydration. Their action results in the formation of ettringite. The cementitious role of these sulfates has been confirmed by comparing the compressive strength of mortar cubes containing washed and nonwashed fly ash. After 7 days, mortar cubes made with this fly ash showed a slight compressive strength increase when compared to a reference mix containing the same amount of quartz. This compressive strength increase can be related to the formation of C-S-H due to the pozzolanic reaction. After 8 months, the pozzolanic reaction had consumed most of the lime generated by the hydration of C2S and C3S, so that practically no portlandite remained in the mortar.



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Analysis of the Cementitious and Pozzolanic Properties of a Silico-Aluminous (Class F) Fly Ash

  • Andre Carles-Gibergues (a1) and Pierre-Claude Aitcin (a2)


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