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Analysis Of Sige Fet Device Structures On Silicon-on-sapphire Substrates by X-Ray Diffraction

  • P. M. Mooney (a1), J. O. Chu (a1), J. A. Ott (a1), J. L. Jordan-Sweet (a1), B. S. Meyerson (a1), W. B. Dubbelday (a2) (a3), I. Lagnado (a2) and K. L. Kavanagh (a3)...


Si/Si1-xGex, heterostructures on improved silicon-on-sapphire substrates were grown epitaxially by ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition for application as p-channel field effect transistors. High-resolution triple-axis x-ray diffraction was used to analyze these structures quantitatively and to evaluate the effects of device fabrication processes on them. Out-;diffusion of Ge from the Si1-xGex, quantum well was observed after fabrication as was the change in thickness of the Si cap layer due to wafer cleaning and gate oxidation at 875 °C



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