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Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Pull-out from a Polymer Matrix*

  • S. J. V. Frankland (a1) and V. M. Harik (a1)


Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of carbon nanotube (NT) pull-out from a polymer matrix are carried out. As the NT pull-out develops in the simulation, variations in the displacement and velocities of the NT are monitored. The existence of a carbon-ring-based period in NT sliding during pull-out is identified. Linear trends in the NT velocity-force relation are observed and used to estimate an effective viscosity coefficient for interfacial sliding at the NT/polymer interface. As a result, the entire process of NT pull-out is characterized by an interfacial friction model that is based on a critical pull-out force, and an analog of Newton's friction law used to describe the NT/polymer interfacial sliding.



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