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An X-Ray Diffraction Attachment tor Thin Filam Analysis of High Sensitivity

  • Kun Tao (a1), Zhili Dong (a1), Shunying Chen (a1) and Bingju Wang (a1)


A Seemann-Bohlin X-ray diffration attachment has been developed recently. In addition, two new intensity factors are introduced to existing intensity formula of Seemann-Bohlin diffractometer. Its characteristic is that the glancing angle is rather small and that no crystal monochromator is put in the incident path. Compared with the conventional diffractometer, it is superior in many aspects: (1). Very high sensitivity in identifying the structures of solid surfaces and thin films, with the intensities being 7–20 times those of the conventional method. For example, in analysing a gold film of 70 Å thick by 1KW X-ray, a fairly good pattern was obtained up to 2θ=120° with the scanning speed of 4°(2θ)/min. (2). All diffraction peaks obtained give the information of the surface layer in nearly the same depth. It thus enables one to study the variation of the composition, the lattice constants, and the structures with depth. (3). It can also be used for thick polycrys-talline samples, and the intensities are 3–20 times those of the conventional diffractometer. This method can be used for various ordinary diffractometers.



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