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Amorphous silicon Bragg reflectors fabricated by oblique angle deposition

  • S. J. Jang (a1), C. I. Yeo (a1) and Y. T. Lee (a1) (a2) (a3)


We demonstrate the highly reflective broadband a-Si distributed Bragg reflector fabricated by oblique angle deposition. By tuning the refractive index of a-Si film, the high index contrast material system was achieved. The broadband reflective characteristics of a-Si distributed Bragg reflector were investigated by calculation and fabrication. The broad stop band (Δλ/λ=33.7%, R>99%) with only a five-pair a-Si distributed Bragg reflector was achieved experimentally at center wavelength of 650, 980, and 1550 nm. The size-, feature- and substrate-independent method for highly reflective Bragg reflectors was realized by simple oblique angle evaporation.


Corresponding author


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