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Amorphous Phase Formation During Ion Mixing of Ti/Si Bilayers at Elevated Temperature

  • K. Maex (a1), R. F. De Keersmaecker (a1), M. Van rossum (a1) and W. F. Van Der Weg (a2)


The amorphous phaseformation in Ti-Si bilayers upon ion mixing at elevated temperatures and in Ti-Si multilayers upon thermal treatment was studied. In the case of ion mixing with 5×1015 cm−2 Xe atoms at temperatures around 240°C a 100nm thick amorphous Ti-Si alloy is formed with a very homogeneous Ti:Si=3 :4 composition. Thermal treatment of the Ti-Si multilayer structure at similar temperatures also yields amorphous silicide layers. The results are interpreted according to the evolution in a planar binary diffusion couple, where the Si and Ti concentrations in the reacted layer are dictated by thermodynamic and kinetic arguments.



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