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Amorphous Hydrogenated Semiconductors

  • Jeffrey A. Reimer (a1)


Semiconducting thin films are produced in plasma and CVD reactors and are commercially useful materials because of a ubiquitous presence of hydrogen, a low density of defects, and electro-optical properties which vary systematically with composition.However, little is known about how variations in fundamental growth parameters produce concomitant changes in film properties, particularly hydrogen incorporation.The reason for this gap in knowledge derives partly from the lack of adequate structural probes of disordered materials.In recent years nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) has emerged as a powerful probe of the microstructure of amorphous semiconductors.I will discuss recent developments in the application of NMR to studies of amorphous hydrogenated semiconductors, and interpret these results in terms of the chemistry and physics of the growth process.



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