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Amorphous Carbon Nitride Films as a Candidate for Low Dielectric Constant Materials

  • M. Aono (a1), S. Nitta (a1), T. Iwasaki (a1), H. Yokoi (a1), T. Itoh (a1) and S. Nonomura (a2)...


We have succeeded to prepare high resistivity and rather low dielectric constant amorphous carbon nitride films a-CNx (0.52<x<0.86) by the reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering of a graphite target using nitrogen molecules as a sputter gas.

The resistivity of a-CNx are 5×1016 to 1017 Ω-cm and be estimated to 1020 Ω-cm, when the ratio of the carbon and nitrogen becomes chemically stoichiometry 3 to 4, i.e. C3N4. The resistivity of a-CNx films prepared by a layer-by-layer method, LL-a-CNx, is 1018 Ω -cm for x=0.6. The layer-by-layer method is a cyclic process of a deposition by the sputtering and an etching by atomic hydrogen. The sample LL-a-CNx made by a layer-by-layer method are compared with that of usual method a-CNx. The dielectric constant of a-CNx films calculated from the refractive index n are 3.6 to 2.8 corresponds to nitrogen contents, 0.52<x<0.86. The dielectric constants ε of a-CNx films decrease with the content of nitrogen x. At an ultimate component of a-CNx, at x=4/3, the dielectric constant is estimated to 1.8.



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[4] Iwasaki, T., Aono, M., Nitta, S., Itoh, T. and Nonomura, S.: Diamond and Related Materials (1999) in print.


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