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Aluminum-Based Quasicrystals Studied by Slow Positron Beam Technique

  • K. Sato (a1), H. Uchiyama (a1), I. Kanazawa (a1), R. Tamura (a2), K. Kimura (a2), F. Komori (a3), R. Suzuki (a4), T. Ohdaira (a4) and S. Takeuchi (a5)...


Icosahedral quasicrystals Al71.5Pd20.3Mn8.2, Al70.7Pd21.34Re7.96, Al62.5Cu25.5Fe12.5, and α-Al68.31Mn21.21Si10.48 1/1- approximant were investigated by using a monoenergetic slow positron beam. The structural vacancy densities in the first three samples were determined to be 5.0×1020, 7.7×1020, and 4.7×1020 cm−3, respectively, by analyzing the measured S-parameter.



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