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Aluminum Incorporation in Cuprate Perovskites

  • T. Siegrist (a1), L. F. Schneemeyer (a1), J. V. Waszczak (a1), S. A. Sunshine (a1), N. P. Singh (a1), R. L. Opila (a1), B. Batlogg (a1), L. W. Rupp (a1) and D. W. Murphy (a1)...


Aluminum incorporation in cuprate perovskite single crystals has been studied by single crystal x-ray diffraction. We find that Al substitutes for copper in the Cu-O chains only. Superconducting transition temperatures, Tc, determined by dc diamagnetic susceptibility measurements, change only slightly, to «80K for ×=0.l, then drop sharply with higher aluminum concentrations.



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