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Alkynyl Substituted Carboranes as Precursors to Boron Carbide Thin Films, Fibers and Composites

  • Stephen E. Johnson (a1), Xiaoguang Yang (a1), M. F. Hawthorne (a1), Kevin J. Thorne (a2), Haixing Zheng (a2) and John D. Mackenzie (a1)...


The use of alkynyl substituted derivatives of o-carborane as precursors to boron containing ceramics is described. These compounds undergo a thermally or photochemically induced polymerization to afford cross linked polyakynyl-o-carborane derivatives. The increase in molecular weight should allow for increased Tg's and the retention of modelled polymer preforms. In this report, these modification reactions are described. In addition, the retention of molded polymer preforms were analyzed after UV exposure and inert atmosphere pyrolysis.



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